The importance of a contact form to your e-commerce

The importance of a contact form to your e-commerce

Have you ever asked yourself why does your website need a contact form?

Nowadays it is crucial to have this tool in your business since it became one of the biggest communication channels between companies and customers that act in online markets, allowing sales optimization and, above all, know your customer’s issues and insatisfactions.

In this article, we have some tips about how to create a simple and complete form at the same time, without it becoming boring to your customers:

1. Structure the form since the website’s planning

The form is a great resource to improve your business’ products and services, so, it is crucial to consider its structure since the moment you start planning your website construction. For this purpose, define which ones will be the goals of it, such as simplify the communication with customers, identify their needs or profiling them.

2. Essential topics for the form

When building your form, be aware that it shouldn’t contain excessive or unnecessary questions that might let your customer bored. One of the most valued things by online consumers is the convenience, quickness and saved time. This way, you must request only basic info such as name, telephone, and email.

3. Turn your form more attractive

As said before, create a form easy to fill in, and before setting online, test its usability in different devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to be accessible and efficient.
It is important to mark the required fill-in fields, notify when the form is submitted and the reply deadline as well.

To a better satisfaction from the customer, and an increase of brand credibility, keep track of the messages regularly and certify that you reply as fast as possible.

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