Startup Lisboa chooses Facestore as E-commerce Platform

Startup Lisboa chooses Facestore as E-commerce Platform

Startup Lisboa. After incubation, the merchandising.

The Lisbon startups incubator Startup Lisboa presents this Wednesday the first apparel collection, from the Portuguese designer Alexandra Moura. The launching, announced in a release, is a market test, now that Lisbon is on a countdown to receive more than 50 thousand people that will participate on Web Summit, the world’s biggest technology, and entrepreneurship event.

“UP” serves as a motto to the collection, already available at the online store installed on the Facestore platform, one of the virtually incubated from the Startup Lisboa. The products will be on for sale, from November 7, at the Startup Lisbon facilities at Rua da Prata, number 80.

“Our mission is welcoming and helping the entrepreneurs developing their businesses, promoting innovation and job creation. The investment in creating a merchandising line is due to the willingness of innovating and potentialize the Startup Lisboa, a brand that over almost 5 years of existence, was built by organic form and very focused on the entrepreneur’s community who has been working with us, and also ensure new revenue sources, at a time that we want to grow and improve support for many national and international entrepreneurs who are looking for us”, declares Miguel Fontes, executive director.

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