New Tools on Facebook

New Tools on Facebook

The most recent functionalities on Facebook will allow content creators to increase their engagement when posting videos, include polls and get close to engaged fans, to help companies boost their public and create proximity links with their community through videos.


Among this news is the resource Debuts, a new interactive video format, that allows your company to post a pre-recorded video as a live broadcast. This video can be scheduled one week before, creating a post about the future video so the users can express their interest, engage among them, request a reminder and share the post like when it happens on events created by Facebook.

Most of the resources for this type of videos are available from the monitorization tools to the commercial breaks.


Other news is the video polls that use API from Live to make quizzes during the live broadcasting on Facebook, that allows directing the current subject with public opinions.
Soon will be possible to also add this resource mentioned before, to pre-recorded videos.


To conclude, the “Top Fans” resource looks forward to highlighting the most loyal fans of your company, adding a stamp close to the user’s name. But for this, you need to have more than 10 thousand followers on your Facebook page.
If your company pretends to have this resource you have to activate it on the configurations of the page.
To become a “Top Fan” the user needs to have constant engagement with the company since watching videos, liking posts or using reactions, comments and sharing posts.

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