Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Give your company’s story life with

Instagram Stories!

Instagram has always been a place where people share their special moments, and if you use Instagram Stories, everything gets easier. Companies may use this format by including photos or videos that show up as stories on full screen, and also give life to them creatively, adding filters, text and draws.

Be creative with Ads 🤩

Companies can and must create Ads on Instagram Stories. The advertisers can post photos or videos up to 15 seconds, which will have a Sponsored label below the user’s name. The photo or video are displayed as an immersive story on the full screen among user’s stories as they’re visualized on the Instagram app.

Ads on stories have the same resources as organic stories, so, you can interact with them in the same way as any other stories.

Ads on Instagram Stories are great to display opportunities by limited time (seasonal, liquidations), new products, exclusive experiences, promotions, tutorials, backstage and much more. In fact, a third of the visualized stores are from companies.

Design specifications

Let’s see some of the design requirements for Ads on Instagram Stories:

Proportion rate: Every photo and video dimensions of Instagram are accepted (from 1.91:1 to 4:5)
Resolution: Minimum: 600 x 1067 px.
Recommended: 1080 x 1920 px.
Available Ads formats: A photo, a video, carousel or full-screen experience (canvas)
Video length: No minimum
Maximum: 15 seconds
Photo content: Reproduced for 5 seconds per pattern
Up to three cards per sponsored content
Carousel ads contente: Carousel ads content: Carousel ads must be linked to an independent campaign
Proportion rate: 9:16
Archive type: Video: .mp4 or .mov
Photo: .jpg or .png
Archive maximum size: Video: 4GB
Photo: 30 MB
Codecs with support: Video: H.264, VP8
Audio: AAC, Vorbisx
Available goals: Reaching, brand recognition, generate signups, views, traffic, conversions or app installation.
Call-to-action options: Apply now, book now, call now, talk to us, download, directions, more, send a message, see the menu, buy now, sign up, see more
Purchase type options: Auction, reaching and frequency

When you post on Instagram stories, pay attention to the following points 🤩

  • – Use speed creatively
  • – Multiple scenes work better
  • – The song increases its relevance

How to create and link ads on Instagram Stories

You can create an Ad on Instagram Stories with the following tools:

  • – Ads Manager

Create a new ad or develop one using an existent post from the Facebook page or Instagram business profile

  • – Creatives Central

Create an advertising model for Stories that can be shared with other people before posting it for everyone

  • – Ads API

Work with a Marketing Partner from Facebook to optimize and support the purchase, creation and linking ads on API Ads scale.


Info for organic stories:

If your company has become a business profile, you can see below the metrics for each individual organic stories using the Instagram info tool:

  • Impressions – the total number of views from your post or story
  • Reaching – the number of single accounts that viewed your post or stories
  • Replies – the number of times that people sent messages through the option Send a message on stories
  • Outs – the number of times that someone swapped from your stories to another one or returned to the feed

⚠️ Note: the info about stories are available only for posts from the last 14 days.

The companies without the Instagram information resource can have access by creating a business profile

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