Instagram For Companies

Instagram For Companies

Instagram is a social network where visual expression inspires people to make real actions. Companies must use this social to conquer their public through their passions, motivating them with pictures/ videos and taking them to discovery.

Since the creation of Instagram that companies have been using ads to connect to their public and motivate them with attractive pictures, existing already more than 2 billion companies doing it and being successful regardless of their size.

The advantage of making ads on Instagram is the fact that the shared content by the advertiser shows narratively on feed, which is the same place where people follow and explore other content. This way, by sharing content and inspiring pictures, their ads will not look like ads.

How can Instagram help your company?

– Reach your customers in scale, in a highly creative environment

– Create acknowledgment, interest and new products intention

– Show your products, apps and; or services that people look to get visual inspiration

– Manage clicks to your site

– Create engagement and installations on mobile devices

– Direct people on the funnel, from the acknowledgment to the action

Increase practices for creatives

As said before, Instagram is a visual social network since it has been using pictures as a communication tool, and more and more, has been using video too. Therefore, it’s relevant for brands to have a strong visual appeal to get good results. Here are some tips to increase practices for creatives:

Start with a clear goal and a creative concept –  Create ads related to your goals;

Celebrate your brand semblance –  Create links between your pictures and videos, with a photographic style or filter to turn your business recognizable through this features.

Focus on the technique –  You must structure well your ads to captivate people and keep them interested.

Tips for advertisers

1. Start with clear goals – Choose goals that might be achievable through communication with pictures and; or videos, because the Instagram community is highly visual and creative.

2.Choose subjects to tell a coherent story – Create posts containing a story connected to the shared picture. Show diversified content to keep the interest by the public over time, without forgetting that you shouldn’t use complex pictures that will distract people.

3. Take time to create high-quality content – Do not add content that breaches or violates third parties rights, including copyright, commercial brand, privacy, advertising, personal rights, or property. Also, consider images, captions and added hashtags. Take some time and follow big brands example. Create high-quality pictures and videos!


Tips to get started


1. Profile picture – you should use a logo or symbol that represents your company, not forgetting that it will be cropped in a circle, and presented with 150×150 pixels dimensions, i.e., too small in most of the cellphones.

2. Account name – Pick a name for your account that is easy to catch and easily linked to your brand, so it is best to opt by the name of the company, without forgetting the maximum limit of 30 characters.

3. Image tools – Edit the image using filters and tools that Instagram provides since those effects give to your pictures the “Instagram look” that captivates people.

4. Image subjects – Post authentic photos/videos, unseen and unexpected, in a context that addresses brand identity notions.

5. Call for actions – Include a call for evident action to achieve your selling goal.

6. Comments and Likes – Use resources with hashtags, locations, and specific photos to locate photos of your brand that other people posted on Instagram.

7. Tag – Include the location of the photo/video,or add people when that helps you reach a bigger public.

8. Text – Use simple and clear captions, adding some hashtags, and make questions that engage people.

Remember that the best way for a company to get an keep their followers is to create attractive content, high-quality and linked to the brand that tells an interesting story using photos or videos.

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