Igtv Advantages

Igtv Advantages


Instagram currently has more than a billion active accounts, according to their report from June 2018, since 80% of the accounts follow a business profile and 500 million accounts use InstaStories every day.

According to the research from eMarketer: US Time Spent with Media 2014-2019, people are increasingly watching less TV and opting for streaming videos. It is estimated that in 2021 the mobile video streaming will be 78% of total mobile data traffic. Otherwise, the research from BCG concluded that the younger audience spends more time watching the content of amateur creators rather than professionals.


IGTV (Instagram TV)  is an Instagram application mainly created for smartphones, which allows the users to upload vertical videos with a length between 10 to 60 minutes.

The videos are designed considering the mobile devices so that there is no need to spin the mobile. It is simple and intuitive, and for that reason, the user doesn’t need to search or browse to start the video and can make other tasks.

It focuses on the favorite content creators, and those they already follow on Instagram. It is an easier way to get close to the audience and get found by new users.

When the followers open the IGTV, they immediately see the original contents, and the brand may get found by new persons. The point is to share more detailed stories about the business to strengthen the bonds with the customers.

IGTV Advantages


✔ Platform usage is intuitive and practical. The videos don’t crash often, and it is easy to display the contents.


✔ There only accepted videos on the vertical format, which facilitates whoever’s watching through mobile.


✔ It is a tool that helps approaching potential customers and a method that can get found by new ones.

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