How to create a professional account on Instagram

How to create a professional account on Instagram

Instagram recently launched the option of getting a professional account on the social network that mores grow in the world!

Turning your account into a professional one will provide you the possibility to:

Analyze stats about your followers and the post-performance;

Get contacted by your followers/clients through phone or email;

Increase the visits to your site/online store or physical store;

Create campaigns that will provide your business growth

Later, this functionality will mold your Instagram account into a sales channel for your business;

Follow the following steps to get your professional account.

Verify if your Instagram profile is professional.

This process is very simple, in case you access your followers’ stats, your profile is professional. If not, go to your profile and click on the right superior corner icon. Then, click on the left inferior corner settings icon.



Then, scroll down until you find the option “Switch to Business Profile”.

Fill out the requested information.

Choose the category and subcategory of your business.


Finally, save all the changes and your Instagram account is now professional.

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