Google Shopping

Google Shopping

If your business owns an online store, one of the best tools to generate conversions and sales is Google Shopping. Considered the biggest virtual window of products, Google Shopping is a search network that allows you to display relevant products when the user searches for something, with product’s photos along with the respective stores, price, users reviews about that specific product and also to compare prices from different suppliers.

Note! To advertise on Google Shopping you need to have an account on Google Merchant Center, where you’ll insert the info related to your company, contact details, time settings, and you’ll have the option to verify and claim your site’s property to avoid frauds.

How does it work?

Google Shopping Ads uses your product’s data on Merchant Center to determine how and where to display them. This data contains details of your products, and are used to assure that the most relevant products show up on the user search results.
So, the more detailed the info about your products on Google Shopping, the more close the match on the search results.

To use this “window” you must pay for the service since the ads are charged through CPC (cost per click), i.e., only when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Shopping advantages

a) More traffic:

Since Google Shopping ads are the first to show up on the search results, the CTR (click rates) are way higher than the usual.

b) More qualified Leads:

When showing the product info directly on your ads to help the buyers taking reasoned purchase decisions, it may increase the quality of your leads and, consequently, the probability of the user concluding the purchase on your site.

c) More conversions:

Being on Google Shopping, the visitors are in a more advanced position on the sales funnel because at this point they already filtered and considered the product’s condition, and are very close to converting the wish into a purchase.

d) Wider presence:

With Google Shopping, more than one Ad can be displayed to a specific search of the user and, if relevant, Shopping and text Ads might show up at the same time. This means that your reaching may double in a single search.

e) Efficient performance reports and competitive data:

Check your product’s performance to the minimum detail, e.g., the categories, technical characteristics or the brands that generate clicks and conversions. Identify growth opportunities with data from the set of impressions and the launching simulator tool. Besides that, this report provides you with information about the competition’s performance and may be very useful.

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