Google plus will be shutdown 😮

Google plus will be shutdown 😮

After the data leakage polemic, revealed by Google last year, the multinational announced that the Google Plus user’s version is about to be deactivated and, it will be effectively offline from April 2nd, 2019.

This leak, caused by a bug in one of the API’s, originated the leakage of personal data such as name, email, telephone, age, and gender of about half a million users, since 2015.

Despite being the app shutdown’s main reason, the Google Plus team acknowledged that the app isn’t successful among users because the usage and engagement insights are very low: about 90% of Google Plus’ sessions take less than 5 seconds.

With the shutdown scheduled to April, the company states that users will have this deadline to download and save every content such as photos, videos, and pages that will get deleted by that time.

The content elimination process will take a few months to complete, and during this period the content will be available to users. Although, there are some dates and conditions to have in mind:

  • – From February 4 you won’t be able to create new content such as profiles, pages, events or Google Plus communities;
  • – If you use Google Plus to post comments on your website or other sites, this functionality will get removed from Blogger on February 4 and on March 7 from the remaining networks. Every comment will get deleted on April 2nd;
  • – The login Google Plus button will be unavailable on the following weeks and, in some cases, will get replaced for a login Google button;
  • – From March 2019, owners or G Plus moderators will have at their disposal new content to download and save, such as author, body, and photos of each new content posted and photos from every posted message in public community;
  • – The Google Plus corporate version will remain active.

Google Plus might remain active to G Suite customers and soon you’ll have new visuals and features.

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