Gama and Facestore sign Strategic Deal

Gama and Facestore sign Strategic Deal

Gama, a global supplier of information and business services specializing in innovation and international trade, and Facestore, signed a partnership in order to support companies who are looking to expand their business through new channels.

The agreement was signed last January 26, 2017, in Manchester, between César Pereira (founder & Gama’s CEO) and Paulo Solinho Barbosa (Facestore’s CEO) at Portugal General Consulate in Manchester, United Kingdom, in the presence of Carlos de Sousa Amaro (Portugal General Consul in Manchester).

This agreement seeks to explore synergies between the two businesses in strategic areas like international sells, product development, and digital media. The technology and Facestore’s expertise will add value to the service provided by Gama in direct counseling to companies operating in the international trade area, supplying a disruptive profile service.

Gama is operating over more than 40 countries worldwide supporting businesses in the export process and launching innovative products on the market. This way, Facestore opens an entrance gate for different markets. César Pereira, Gama’s CEO, believes that “Facestore’s innovative and unique technology is the perfect complement for the market entrance services provided by Gama”. “This service allows our clients to explore new selling and distribution opportunities through advanced e-commerce and multichannel solutions”, enhances the CEO.

In addition, Paulo Solinho Barbosa, Facestore’s CEO, sees the agreement as a win-win relationship that will solidify the startup’s presence and structure in the United Kingdom. “Facestore has been strengthening its structure in the United Kingdom and this partnership with Gama, due to their influence on the market, represents an excellent opportunity for both companies work together in new business opportunities”, declares the entrepreneur.

Paulo Solinho Barbosa took the opportunity to thank the presence and intervention of Carlos de Sousa Amaro, Portugal General Consul in Manchester, for the partnership agreement assignment between both companies.



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