Facestore’s CEO on TEDx in Cape Verde

Facestore’s CEO on TEDx in Cape Verde

Paulo Solinho Barbosa, founder, and CEO of Facestore, the first world platform creating online stores on Facebook, was invited to participate as a speaker on the TEDxPraia project.

TEDx is an international event that took place in about 133 countries! The first edition in Cape Verde, was promoted by a 12 young group, and the idea had a genesis on the B-Bright generation movement, which took about a year to be planned. It’s about a non-lucrative ends event and counts with the maximum attendance of 100 people chosen by invitation and 8 speakers from different business areas.

The event that will take place on March 18, Saturday, at Cine Praia (Praia Shopping) will count with 8 speakers who will make smooth presentations, short and inspiring. Seven of the speakers were already announced: Paulo Barbosa (Facestore’s CEO), the Cape-Verdean origin producer Valério Lopes, the Cape-Verdean engineer Luís Frederico, the wheelchairs dancer Jamira Dias, the Cape-Verdean origin engineer Nick Pinheiro, the director João Branco and Wansati’s Communication CEO Emily Macauley.

The goal of this event is to incite innovation and share new ideas, the reason why there are speakers from different areas and not only technology.

To reach a wider public, the event will be broadcasted on streaming (internet) and has support from Unitel T+, Culture Ministry and Creative Industries from Cape Verde (CMCI), from the Pedro Pires Institute (PPI) and the USA Embassy in Cape Verde.


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