Facestore/NOS: A partnership that seeks to potentialize e-commerce in Portugal.

Facestore/NOS: A partnership that seeks to potentialize e-commerce in Portugal.

Websites creation, integrated online stores on Facebook and domain registrations are some of the solutions offered by the new NOS Web Pro from NOS Companies.

The NOS Web Pro offer allows access to a universe of robust solutions to digitalize the national company’s business and create a digital shopper supported integrally by an evolved platform and simple to use.

The solution provides the possibility of websites creation and, with an online retail optic, allows a quick construction and Facebook online stores operationalization through a partnership with Facestore.

Duarte Sousa Lopes, NOS companies’ marketing director, affirms that “NOS Web Pro is a unique offer between national operators, and was developed in order to optimize our customers’ digital presence, allowing them to have a more effective online presence, on a simpler and quicker way, reaching new markets and customers through their websites and online stores”.

“We’re working with NOS in order to create a new offer that allows customers, whether they are small local businesses or a bigger dimension Company, to develop quickly a new website and integrate it with an online store and Facebook store, through our platform, which has already more than 35 thousand customers in more than 15 countries”, affirms by his side Paulo Solinho Barbosa, Facestore CEO.

Among the available solutions, there are internet domain registrations, website construction, professional mail capacitation, and digital store creation as well as the possibility of integrating the store on social networks.

To see the full article check the link: http://fleed.pt/dinheiro/nos-lanca-servicos-web-pro-para-empresas/

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