Facestore celebrates partnership with Swonkie

Facestore celebrates partnership with Swonkie

The goal of FACESTORE is to help the customers increase their sales, and is aware that, for this purpose, it is crucial to have good communication within social networks, since they are the key to helping brands in contacting customers, on the communication of its services and product characteristics.

Since FACESTORE is a platform focused in Social Commerce and SWONKIE a Social Network Management platform, both brands celebrated a partnership with the primordial goal to help the FACESTORE customers optimizing all the workflow!

With SWONKIE you will save time on the social network management, from content creation to scheduling posts and check performance insights. You will be able to manage every administrative issue and devote yourself to other branches of your business.

This platform is a tool that intends to be the reference for content creators to manage their online presence, offering integration with Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks.

It is an experience integrated on the social network’s activities that allows any user, to control all of his activity on social networks through a unique interface, without different logins and within seconds, turning the process easier and more convenient.

SWONKIE is undoubtedly a game changer for the management of social networks. Its intuitive interface makes Swonkie a crucial tool for any social networks manager.

The reports are complete but without excessive information, and that allows a quick interpretation of the results and respective optimization in terms of social network strategy.

With Swonkie you can:

  • Create content in many formats;
  • Schedule posts or insta stories;
  • Automatic pos, at the best time;
  • Organic and segmented posts in carrousel, with call-to-action buttons and location;
  • Individual post or simultaneously in many social networks;
  • Insert call-to-action buttons;
  • Re-post on Instagram;
  • Integration with Blogs;
  • Integration in every social network.

To turn your administrative work easier, Swonkie also allows to:

  •  Manage teams with many access levels;
  •  Manage your messages on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Customise, consult and manage Brand Performance reports;
  • Monitor competing brands in real time.

If you are a FACESTORE customer we have benefits for you. The customers that intend to sign up to SWONKIE will have now a 20% discount on the subscription of the Starter Plan or 10% in any Agency Plan (Friendly, Lover, Pro, Master).
For that, send an email to sayhello@swonkie.com indicating the address of your online store, the plan you wish to subscribe, the modality and the email that you used to register yourself on the platform.

Promotion valid during the first period of the contract (monthly modality, quarterly, semestral or annual). Valid only to new Swonkie customers. After ending the period, if you remain a Facestore customer, you may request the reactivation of your code for an equal period.

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