Facestore – “4.0 Industry” – Digital Economy

Facestore – “4.0 Industry” – Digital Economy

Facestore was on January 30, 2017, at Superior School of Technology and Management, in Leiria, for the presentation of the 60 measures from “4.0 Industry – Digital Economy” initiative provided by the Portuguese Government.

For the company has been a pleasure to be a part of the workgroup “Retail  & Fashion” since the beginning and contribute for the possibility of every Portuguese company to have their presence online.

The Government presented the 60 measures aimed at the fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0 Industry). This programme will represent a total injection of up to 4.5 billion euros on the economy, which 2.26 billion come from European funds. This measure’s presentation was the responsibility of the Secretary of State, João Vasconcelos.

You can view below the main five measures of this program, made after the audience of more than 200 companies and startups in four workgroups constituted since April 2016 in areas like retail, tourism, automobile, molds or agro-industry.

4.0 Industry Voucher gives 7500 euros: More than 1500 small and medium companies will benefit from 4.0 industry voucher, worth 7500 euros. This incentive will cost in general 12 million euros and will support the digital transformation of these companies and the adoption of technologies that will bring substantial changes to traditional businesses models.

Digital education for 20 thousand people: The training in new technologies for 20 thousand people in the asset aims to take advantage of the current generation of employees and to create new job opportunities. The teaching of code (programming area) since the first cycle and the reform of the technical professional courses are other of the main measures of the 4.0 strategy.

Visas for the most qualified: Creating a policy to support the recruitment of the most qualified foreigners is another of the measures. It pretends to reinforce the European visa policy for the technical boards in engineering and new technologies. Beneficiaries may have the same working conditions as the national citizens.

Big companies reinforce education: PT, Huawei, Bosch, Siemens, Autoeuropa and Peugeot-Citröen are some of the big companies that will launch their own education programmes for employees and cooperation with small and medium companies to stimulate innovation over the next few years. Universities will also be involved.

Internationalization route: Portuguese technology companies will be able to show up at some of the main innovation fairs from the end of March 2017.




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