Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

This day came up in the United States of America in 2005 by National Retail Federation to increase retail sales at the end of the year.

This year, Cyber Monday takes place on November 26. The phenom happens on every Monday after the Black Friday, and the term refers to a cybernetic retail event where in addition to discounts extension on Black Friday, there are big promotions for the unsold products previously.

This event goes for a day only, but some stores offer promotions for an extended period, whether extending the Black Friday prices during the week until Cyber Monday or enduring discounts for a few more days. Besides what we suggested on the Black Friday article, we have some additional tips:

1. There is no better way to call your potential customer’s attention than using visual contents, so, get your website ready with attractive images promoting your discounts.

2. Verify if your website is working correctly and ready to receive lots of visitors, to avoid the slowness of your store uploading and withdrawal of purchase.

3. It is important to inform the community intensively about the discounts on your store. Since it is a period with lots of promotions, announcing one day or other isn’t enough so, opt to do it before, during the Black Friday and maintain that information until Cyber Monday.

4. Create engagement with your followers on social media. For example, creating a challenge might be a great choice for your website get more visits, likes, and content shares.

5. In case one of the company goals is to build a strong contacts database, create a campaign where the new assignments get an exclusive or additional discount.

6. For those customers who bought on your store, provide them exclusive offers or the opportunity to use promotions before the rest of the community, so they feel special.

7. Take advantage of the fact people being attentive to promotions to launch a new product or service to call their attention and increase profit.

Enjoy this day to increase your sales! 😉

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