6 benefits of using promotional codes on your store

6 benefits of using promotional codes on your store

How to attract customers to your store? You must wonder about this many times. To stand out from the others, you need to put creativity in action to attract and retain new customers.

Promotional codes are crucial to any online business. Although, you must be aware that besides having easy implementation and a quick return, on the other hand, this might be harmful in long-term if you lose its control!

How do these promo codes work?

These codes offer to the customer time-limited or permanent discounts on products/services, without losing the company profit.

First of all, you must constantly verify your profit margin. You might get to a point where you offered so many discounts that you’re starting to have a deficit. Besides that, if you regularly give promo codes to your customers, they might get used to it and buy only when you do it.

That is to say that this mustn’t be a usual strategy, so you must select special dates to avoid that customer’s attachment to it.

  • – Increase sales: This is one of the main reasons why an online store looks for working with promo codes. Offering a discount to your customer will arouse his purchase interest for your products, so, your sales will increase.
  • – Increase medium ticket: This must be done through accumulation discounts where the consumer earnings and spendings are proportional. So, he’ll probably spend more and more.
  • – Reduce abandoned carts rate: One of the biggest benefits that promotional codes bring. They will help the consumer final purchase decision, increasing the conversion rate and reducing the remarketing investment. A good example of promo code is the free shipping offers.
  • – Easiness in attracting new customers: Promoting the codes will arouse interest in new customers.
  • – Retain current customers: Promotional codes improve the company’s image towards your customers and make them more loyal.
  • – Manage stocks: To those products with low sales and too much stock, a good strategy to sell them is by using bigger promotional codes. This will get the consumer’s attention.

So, will you try this strategy on your online store?

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