5 Steps to get your online store ready for Black Friday

5 Steps to get your online store ready for Black Friday

It is approaching one of the most important events worldwide, taking place on the next November 23rd. The Black Friday, in addition to attracting more and more the Portuguese, who are already getting ready for this day through a search of prices variation and offers, also calls the attention of e-commerce itself which has gained profit with this event throughout the last years.

For this purpose, you must have a strategy based on strong digital communication, that will assure you the expected profit. What about you? You already planned your strategy? Here we’ll show you some tips that can’t miss.

1 – Segmentation

One of the first steps is to analyze your customer base and segment them, offering better discounts for those who already shopped on your store. And for those who never did, the tip is to invest in the promotion of your main product.

2 – Stock Backup

You must verify your stock and reinforce it if necessary because the demand will increase due to the promotions and offered conditions on this day. You might also check the most sold products until the date and reinforce the stock.

3 – Be transparent

Don’t act like other companies that change the prices and rise it days before the Black Friday to lower them on the day. As mentioned before, besides the fact that price variation search became usual practice for the consumer, that will jeopardize your brand. So, be transparent and use real discounts, even if you
don’t have many products, use this day to apply discounts on the less demanded.

4 – Communication

First, you must create a landing page or a banner to announce to the users that your company will join Black Friday. Afterward, you must use communication means like social media, newsletters or SMS, as a promoting way, without forgetting that is essential to be regularly there. On social media, you must have
scheduled posts and information campaigns about the promotions you’ll make and which products, so that people get informed all the time about it. As for the Newsletter and SMS, you can use them to communicate that you’re joining the event and announce the products with discounts. You must communicate days before the event and also on the day itself.

5 – Keep in Touch

You must maintain contact with your customer (like answering doubts, suggestions and even claims) to retain him, non-abandoning him during the purchase moment or after shopping on your store. With a differentiated communication, your company will stand out for the competition because all of them will be offering discounts and this kind of strategy will be the key to success.

Facestore wishes the best sales for your store!😉

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