5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram

5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram

Getting lots of followers on social media is everybody’s goal, although, many of them opt to buy followers. Initially might look like a great idea because it is a cheap solution, simple and with presumably quick results. But this idea might not go as expected. Next, we’ll show you the reasons why you mustn’t buy Instagram followers.

1. Fake profiles

When you’re buying followers, most of them are fake accounts and, besides that, the number of followers isn’t the only criterion to identify that a specific profile is trending. The most relevant factor is engagement. i.e., the interaction capacity by the followers towards your posts. Therefore, buying followers will provide a low impact on your posts and why? The answer is easy. These type of accounts never engage because they are fake profiles or don’t have interest in your shared contents.

2. Constant variation of followers

It is constant the profiles elimination by Instagram. As said before, when you’re buying followers, you’re getting fake profiles so, erasing them, Instagram makes your company lose followers. This inconstancy will harm your strategy, in addition, to become an unnecessary cost that could’ve been exploited in more efficient strategies like promoted posts.

3. Credibility

Relating the last points, when a customer acknowledges that your company is breaking Instagram conditions buying followers, he will lose confidence, and nothing assures the same customer that your company won’t break another rule.

4. Relevance

Instagram feed presents posts by relevance order, showing in preference the most interesting posts for the user. This information is conceived towards the user’s engagement (who’s following, reactions and replies), so, there’s no engagement between your company and those fake profiles. As a result, your posts won’t have a satisfactory degree of relevance and, consequently, you won’t reach more people.

5. Penalty

As said before, besides erasing fake profiles, Instagram also verifies which accounts they followed. In the case of verifying more of these profiles on the account followers, this one is automatically switched off by the social media to further be penalized. All your work and money invested in that account will then be a waste.

It is clear why not to buy followers? The follower worth to have is the one interested in the shared contents, and for that, you need to reach real people that want to know more about you! Create an effective strategy, with good content that will make people engage to get results.

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